Creative Support Sessions are my 1:1 offering to help you craft a balanced, authentic approach for your creative dreams. These advising sessions are available to anyone who would like to regularly engage with their creativity, whether they are full-time artists or forever 9 to 5ers. 
During our hourlong sessions, we will work to identify your time and energy constraints, integrate tools and frameworks to overcome resistance, and discover how to apply specific strategies to befriend your creative ideas with curiosity. 
To get started, schedule a free consultation with me using the link below. During our call, I will get a better understanding of you as a human and artist as well as where you'd like to go in your creative journey. You will walk away with a clear picture of how we will work together to craft the creative life you desire. 
"Carolyn is such an inspiring creative coach. She is able to break down insurmountable creative projects into smaller bite-sized tasks that seem way more manageable. Over the course of our sessions together, every session I had a different emotion or outside stressor I was dealing with, and Carolyn was able to deftly advise and give clear perspective and next steps. I feel a lot more at ease and satisfied with the work that I'm putting out with her help!" 
— Irene, chef, author, and recipe developer
These sessions are for you if:
You want to create more space for your creative dreams
You have a day job and are struggling with how to orient your creative life around it
You have lots of creative ideas but are unsure what to focus on or where to start
You feel hesitant or uncomfortable embracing your creative calling / identity
You are ready to be open about different hurdles you are encountering
You are inspired by having conversations with a fellow artist
You want to figure out how to work with your wavering energies through the seasons
During our sessions, you can expect me to:
Support and encourage your creative pursuits, breaking down societal expectations of who gets to make art or live a creative life
Ask lots of guiding questions so you get more clarity around your true creative desires and get in touch with your intuition
Validate the reality and hardship of your roadblocks and limiting beliefs, while also making suggestions and co-creating solutions to help you find ease in your creative practice
Organize and systematize your ever-changing routines and practices to move towards your creative dreams
Please note that I am not a trained therapist or licensed coach—these advising sessions are facilitated through my lens as a working artist with a day job as a software engineer for many years.

What are some possibilities in these sessions? Together we can:
Identify strategies and systems that you can use to approach your creative ideas, embracing multiplicities and working with the seasons
Understand your time and energy limitations given your job and how to weave your creative practice around it
Find ways to set boundaries with work and pull back from unnecessary responsibilities so you have more space for your creative practice
Integrate tools and frameworks for unlearning limiting beliefs and resistance around your creative identity
Overcome fears and start sharing your work in a sustainable format

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