Yesterday, thanks to my friend Alyssa, I got the opportunity to get my MBTI type interpreted for free. The results aligned with the many free online quizzes I had taken (INFP), though I was almost itching to be surprised by official results.

As the interpreter (also an INFP!) walked us through our results, I saw clear indicators of personality traits that perfectly explained my current struggle of finding difficulty in being motivated & staying on track with goals.

I’ve been reading a lot on how real progress is only made through setting systems and showing up. One needs to master skills one at a time instead of jumping around, dabbling in multiple interests. I believe this and know this to be true. We’ve all heard Malcolm Gladwell’s principle of 10,000 hours - and of course, with that much time invested, how could you not become good at what you do?

Still, I’ve found it difficult to pare down and focus, what with multiple interests that have grabbed my eye. Below is a brief progress status of each.

I thrive off of meeting tough external deadlines (and feeling very stressed in the process). This is why I’ve been leaning toward intensive courses taught by mentors for web development (and for guitar, since self-teaching wasn’t going properly). While I’m still simmering on the decision, I decided to utilize this blog to hold myself accountable for progress. These words, will show what I have promised to accomplish and what I have not.

Goals by 10/12:

All other hobbies will be on the sideline for now. Pare down and focus!